Have you ever wondered what being a Christian is all about? Is there really a God? These are the questions that people are asking right now. You might be a new Christian or still have some questions that you would like answered? Alternatively, you might know someone who would like to know more? 

Christianity Explored is the chance to explore what life is all about. It is freerelaxed and informal course, whether you are happier just sitting and listening or whether you would like to actively join in. 

Chowdene Church are starting an on-line Christianity Explored course via Zoom on Saturday 30th May at 7.15pm.  It will be a good chance to learn more about God, Jesus and also ask questions.  

Find out more here

If you would like to join here is the link for the first meeting or alternatively just type in the Meeting ID number 

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 862 9502 3340  

Please feel free to join the course yourself and let friends and relatives know so that they can join in too. 

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